carbon fiber pool cue :you deserve to have

April 20,2021

I recommend a carbon fiber pool cue to everyone today, all at special prices.If you are an entry-level novice and don't know much about pool cues, and don't want to use a male club,you don't need to think about it,Carbon Fiber Durable 2-PC Pool Cue Straight Accurate Pool Cue is your best choice.

carbon fiber pool cue

Due to the good reputation of the old series of cue sticks, the manufacturer VISION SPORTS decided to upgrade the billiard cue's feel while keeping the sales price unchanged, and also comprehensively updated the appearance.

pool cue

This pool cue  uses Carbon Fiber for the forelimbs. After several years of constant temperature, humidity, and constant, it makes the hitting feel more transparent and the force transmission more stable.


How to choose a club that suits you

1. Hardness.

Hardness can be said to be one of the most basic indicators of a billiard cue. It is to ensure the stability of the shot and reduce the deviation of the shot.

Strike the ball hard, see the vibration of the rod, whether it trembles, and use the feel to determine the hardness of the rod.


2. Toughness.

Resilience and resilience should be said to be a comprehensive indicator, but in order to let golfers understand better, they are reluctantly discussed separately:

Toughness, in order to ensure the control of the white ball, mainly in the straight line control.

The hardness is mentioned above, but a too hard rod will increase the difficulty of controlling the white ball, so toughness is needed to cooperate to increase the contact time between the white ball and the skin. In other words, a very hard shot will cause the white ball to fly away when it hits the white ball, and the toughness can give the white ball a cushion and make the skin "bite" the white ball. Therefore, the length of time to hold the ball is detected by putting.


3. Flexibility.

The flexibility is to ensure the control of the white ball.

Elasticity, generally depends on the number of revolutions of the white ball (the number of revolutions of the white ball is also determined by the "bite" time between the rod and the ball). Through the high shot, low shot, lower plug, etc., you can see the number of revolutions of the white ball and see the elasticity of the rod. You can know more by comparison.


4. Rod force.

I feel that lever strength is the most important aspect of the selection. Rod force is a comprehensive manifestation of the above points, and the coordination of all aspects. With a strong rod, you can save effort when playing the ball, reduce the error caused by the force, and increase the range of the white ball. The detection mainly depends on the moving position of the white ball, through some sterns, strong drawbars to see the moving range of the white ball, medium and long distance close to straight but non-linear emergency stop, medium and long distance high stick to see the stability of the white ball, etc. Wait.


5. Transmission force.

The transmission force is transparent, which can increase the feel of hitting, and it is also an indicator of the interface technology of the interface cue. Generally, when hitting the ball, feel the feeling of holding the stick, whether the transmission of the hitting reaction force is clear, and listen to whether the hitting sound is clear and crisp.


The above points may be a bit embarrassing for friends who feel bad. Well, you can hold about 30cm above the tail of the club with one hand, and gently tap the tail of the club with the other hand (one click is enough, don't pat it randomly) to see the swing of the club head: the smaller the amplitude, the higher the hardness of the club; The higher the frequency, the better the elasticity of the rod; the longer the time, the better the transmission force of the rod. But the racket stick is only a reference for golfers with poor hand feeling, not an absolutely true reflection of the quality! I also tried a good shot when shooting, but not good at playing, and I also tried the opposite. Rapping the cue often can also cause damage to the interface cue. Moreover, without prolonged contact with the cue stick, it is actually difficult to "shoot" the difference. Therefore, the most direct and best way is to try a few more shots on the table.


Speaking of this, I think of "wood grain theory". Oh, because there are indeed golfers who feel bad in their hands, it is really difficult to try out the difference in the quality of the club, so I have to "see" the difference. As a seller, this is welcome, because it is very worry-free. As a golfer, it is not recommended.


6. Offset.

The lower plug, plus the pros and cons of Taini's own hair, will cause the white ball to shift when walking. Although this inevitably requires us to make adjustments when addressing the ball, the offset caused by the billiard cue will also be different. Therefore, in a rod of similar quality, the offset can be used as a reference for selection. Generally, you can hit the ball with a strong plug in a short distance to observe the accuracy, or you can hit the ball with a plug at a medium speed in a long distance to observe the position of the white ball. The above six points are related to the quality of the original leather in all aspects. Therefore, it is best to consider the selection of poles in the same brand, because the original skins of different brands will have an impact on all aspects. In our place, if the clubs that guests are fond of, they can change their heads and try again.


7. Weight and center of gravity

Weight mainly reflects the balance of the center of gravity. Lie on the stage and move the pole, evenly distribute the weight of the front and back hands, feel comfortable, and it is a good balance. Then according to your own personal habits, choose the club close to what you want.


8. Head size

It is recommended that a 9.5mm club head is around, within the range of 9-10mm.


9. You can also look at the thickness of the handshake to match your own grip hand shape.


In general, if the previous points meet the requirements and the parameters are not too far apart, we have to adapt ourselves.



The carber fiber pool cue's three "exclusive" advantages

1. Real materials, high performance guarantee, easy to use!

2. Concise and capable appearance, plain and elegant, good-looking!

3. the top brand origin, the public public pool cue worth, cheap!


How to maintain the pool cue

(1)First of all, the pool cue must be kept clean. In particular, do not use those inferior clever powders to fall on the club, otherwise the club will easily contaminate the club (especially maple clubs, which are particularly susceptible to contamination) and have a corrosive effect. Professional wiping cloth personally feel that there is no need, just go to the supermarket to buy a towel with high cotton content. Take the towel with you at any time, and if you find that the rod is a bit unsmooth, wipe it off immediately. First wipe it with a slightly damp cloth, and then immediately wipe it dry with a dry towel.


(2)Secondly, the pool cue must be oiled (especially in dry weather areas). The front and back branches of some clubs are unpainted, so it is necessary to oil both the front and back branches. Olive oil and walnut oil are not as good as professional club oils. I personally feel that the oiling cycle of the club is within two to three weeks, with a thin layer, and then set aside for 24 hours, let the club fully absorb and wipe it off. When you find that the cue is too oily, you can change the oiling cycle to once every few months.


(3)Again, where should the billiard cue be stored? Find a relatively good cue box, preferably made of leather inside, so that the absolute temperature is relatively uniform, and it is fine to lay it flat on the ground. Personally, it is not recommended to hoist the cue, because the force of the suspender you use is uneven, and it is easy to bend the cue instead. Of course, if you have to hang it, the small hindhand with the cue will have a better effect.


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