How to Choose Snooker Cues

May 21,2022

The cue is a tool used to hit the ball. For a professional snooker player, the cue is the most reliable helper. The cue is composed of leather head, first angle, front section, top ring, middle wheel and other parts. The quality of snooker cues can be judged by looking at the material, weight, length, thickness, straightness and taper parameters. To choose a snooker cue that suits you, you have to measure and choose from five aspects: appearance, length, head diameter, treatment process and weight.


Structure of Climbing Stick

May 07,2022

Have you ever had the experience of sliding back and not being able to open your legs on the way climbing with steep mountain roads and soft soil? When climbing or going downhill, do you have the experience that your legs are weak and you will roll down the mountain if you are careless? If so, at this time, there must be "crutches" -- mountaineering sticks.


Brief Introduction of Mountaineering Stick

April 19,2022

The mountaineering stick is an indispensable piece of equipment for advanced mountaineering or hiking. Its principle is very similar to that of a walking stick in skiing so that the hand can share the weight burden of the foot. Academic research has pointed out that the correct use of climbing sticks can reduce the pressure on the legs by about 25%.


10 Reasons Why You Should Use Trekking Poles

April 07,2022

The stereotype is that only elderly hikers use trekking poles. But in fact, trekking poles, as auxiliary equipment during mountaineering, can improve the stability of walking. Using trekking poles while walking can reduce the force exerted on muscle joints such as the legs and knees, making the legs more comfortable. Proper use of trekking poles can make travel easier and more enjoyable. Using two trekking poles at the same time provides better balance.


Why are Popular Baseball Bats Made of Carbon Fiber?

February 22,2022

Many sporting goods are made of carbon fiber materials, such as tennis rackets, bicycles, mountaineering sticks, etc. In addition, do you know the carbon fiber baseball bats? Baseball is very popular in Japan, South Korea, Europe, and the United States.


What Are the Types of Trekking Poles Materials?

January 17,2022

Trekking poles are one of the essential tools for mountaineering. Poor quality trekking poles can directly cause your trip to be abandoned halfway. Therefore, the choice of trekking poles is very important, especially the material. So, do you know what materials the trekking poles are made of?


Four Common Mistakes in Purchasing Pool Cues

January 05,2022

Playing billiards may seem boring at first, but if you fall in love, it feels endless joy. If you only go to the billiard room a few times a year, you can use the male pole. If you have to go to the ballroom several times a month, it is still necessary to have your pole! Today, let’s take a look at the common misunderstandings when buying a pool cue.


Do I have to bring two trekking poles in climbing?

September 16,2021

He likes to bring 2 trekking poles when climbing a mountain, so the topic are always talked about-Do I have to bring two trekking poles in climbing?