Structure of Climbing Stick

May 07,2022

Have you ever had the experience of sliding back and not being able to open your legs on the way climbing with steep mountain roads and soft soil? When climbing or going downhill, do you have the experience that your legs are weak and you will roll down the mountain if you are careless? If so, at this time, there must be "crutches" -- mountaineering sticks.


Yes, the climbing stick is like the old man's "crutch", which can help us move forward, but it is not the old man's patent. It's necessary climbing equipment.


climbing stick




There are cork, foam, plastic, rubber, and other materials, of which cork and rubber are the most comfortable and common.


The cork is smooth and can be changed according to the shape of the hand. It is not easy to wear and durable, but it is easier to sweat than the foam model.


Rubber is the most common. It is also cheap and has strong insulation. It is not suitable for use on hot days and is easy to hurt hands.




An important factor in determining whether your climbing stick is suitable. Because the transmission of strength between the climbing stick and the user mainly depends on it. When choosing, it's best to choose a comfortable, durable, soft, and wide-edged wristband without a buckle and adjustable length.




The materials of strut usually include carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, and titanium alloy.


The carbon fiber material is used for short-distance light hiking. If the terrain of the hiking route is complex and the environment is changeable, it is best to choose aluminum alloy or titanium alloy.


Adjusting lock - lock catch


First, the lock can adjust the length of the support rod, and second, it is an important detail to check whether the climbing stick is firm and reliable.


At present, there are two kinds of locks on the market: external lock and internal lock.


External lock -- just like the lock for folding bicycles to adjust the height, it is locked by the external hoop. Simple operation, strong and durable.


Internal lock -- it is locked by rotating the expansion of internal parts and contacting the inner wall, like a secret lock. There is an inherent risk, which is easy to be stuck and broken by sand and gravel.


Staff support


It can prevent the climbing stick from falling into the mud. However, the use of thorns will affect the formation, so this part should be able to be disassembled flexibly.


Pole tip


It can help us grasp the ground better in the process of climbing. It is generally composed of rubber head, iron, tungsten cobalt alloy, etc.


Vibration system


The shock absorber system is equipped with a spring inside the mountaineering stick, which can cushion the impact force as needed. The price is more expensive than the mountaineering stick without a shock absorber system. When going downhill, you need a shock absorber system to mitigate the impact of the climbing stick and legs, but going uphill is an obstacle.


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