Prevention of Falls in the Elderly Starts from the Correct Use of Canes!

November 01,2022

The cane is an essential tool for the elderly or those with inconvenient legs. It is the "third leg" of the elderly and can be called a good friend of the elderly to spend their old age safely.




How to choose a cane?


The walking stick should be "four-legged" as far as possible, with rubber anti-skid pads at the bottom. Stand with flat shoes, hands naturally droop and measure the distance from the wrist to the ground. This height can be used as the length of the cane.


What should pay attention to when using canes?


  1. Select the appropriate cane type according to your situation.


  1. When using the cane, wear clothes, shoes, and socks that are convenient for activities. Walk on flat ground to avoid slipperily, and try to use barrier-free channels and facilities.


  1. The lower end of the canes shall be equipped with an anti-skid rubber cap. Before use, check whether the cane is intact to ensure safety.


  1. Before using the cane, you should move your limbs. You can lift your knees or step in place, and be fully prepared to stand and walk, to avoid falling due to weakness of lower limbs and loss of balance.


  1. The elderly should understand the key points of walking assisted by walking sticks and practice the coordination of gait. When walking, no matter which direction your body moves, you should first move the cane, adjust your center of gravity, and then move your feet.


  1. The walking stick and the old man should coordinate their own pace. Before fully adapting to the new staff, they should be accompanied by their family members to prevent accidents from falling.


  1. The road should be flat and free of obstacles, and walking sticks should not be used in uneven places. The elderly should use a wheelchair when they have a long moving distance.