Is One or Two Trekking Poles Better?

September 01,2022

The question of whether it is better to use one or two trekking poles on a mountain is a long-standing debate. But from the point of view of sports science, it is advisable to use two poles.


With two poles you can walk on all fours at the same time. The poles act as a cushion for walking up and down hills. They provide balance, support and protection for the knees. So it is best to use two poles.


Trekking Poles


Do I have to use two trekking poles?


Research in sports science on trekking poles has shown that using two poles at the same time reduces the impact on the knee joint by 22%. This equates to 5,500-5,800kgw of impact force being avoided in your knee joint for every kilometer walked. And the muscle groups of the legs can be used 21% less.


Whether you use single or double poles for climbing is really a matter of personal preference. But the most important thing is to know how to use them.


Most people don't carry a lot of weight on their backs when they go out hiking, so they think that one pole is sufficient. With a single pole, the user's body will easily fall to one side if the poles are used to support the force. By using a pair of poles, you can reduce the weight on your feet.


Not every terrain is suitable for trekking poles. Use poles sparingly in ravines, preferring to have your hands free for balance. Because of the complexity of the ravine, it is better to use your hands for balancing than poles.




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