How to choose the best trekking pole?

April 20,2021

When it comes to outdoor equipment, most travellers will think of backpacks, tents, jackets, sleeping bags, hiking shoes... People tend to pay special attention to these equipment, and they are willing to spend a lot of money on it.As for trekking poles, many people ignore its importance and feel that it is dispensable. Even if you want to use it, you can just find one to make do with it.


As we all know, mountaineering has many benefits, so what are the benefits of mountaineering?

1.Climbing to relieve stress, feel good, breathe freely and have stronger lungs

2.Delays aging, not greasy, strengthens the heart and energetic

3.There are curves for weight loss and body sculpting, and exercise the bones to strengthen the body

4.Strong physique and harmony, family harmony and long-term happiness


Buy trekking poles, these 5 points are the most important:

1. Length

This is one of the most important factors in choosing trekking poles. Make sure its length matches your height, because too long or too short will put unnecessary pressure on your upper body.

carbon trekking pole


In addition to the overall length, the storage method is also very important. If you are hiking on flat terrain, use trekking poles of fixed length. However, most trekking poles are adjustable, and the length can be changed according to your needs. According to the storage method, it is divided into telescopic and folding climbing poles.

trekking pole manufacturers

3.Material and weight

Carbon fiber is a lighter but more expensive alternative material. Newer trekking poles are usually made of this material. They are very good for ultralight hikers.

trekking pole


Rubber is usually used in colder climates, has excellent insulation properties, and is more suitable for use with gloves.

rubber hand

5.Lock or other functions

Trekking poles usually use twist lock (inner lock) or lever lock (outer lock). Other features to consider include shock absorption, as well as the tip and mud basket that come with trekking poles. Priority is given to external locks and trekking poles without shock absorption, because it is easier to repair and maintain, and the weight is lighter.


Tips for maintaining trekking poles


After a few weeks of hiking or a short weekend hike, you need to split your trekking poles for easy cleaning. However, the splitting of trekking poles needs to be determined according to the type, so we recommend that you refer to the manufacturer's instructions.



Dip a small brush with water to remove the dust and residue from the trekking poles.



After wiping with a dry cloth, place the trekking poles in a dry and ventilated place to dry. We do not recommend dripping lubricating oil, because this will make trekking poles very slippery and cause dangerous accidents.


After the parts are completely dried, they can be reassembled, and the maintenance of the trekking poles is complete.


These are the things above you have to consider,however,Carbon Fiber Ultra Light Trekking Pole Folding Z Hiking Pole is the best choice ror you.It has the above five advantages.