How to Choose a Suitable Walking Cane?

March 22,2022

In outdoor activities such as mountaineering and hiking, a walking cane is very useful basic equipment. Correct use of a walking cane can not only reduce the pressure on the knees but also improve the stability of the body and reduce physical consumption. But how do choose a suitable walking cane? Next, this blog will share some features you should pay attention to when buying a cane.


Main Features of a Good Walking Cane

Buy suitable walking canes


  • Handle

Dual-density material handle for comfort and support. The handle with a slightly inclined design makes it more comfortable to hold for a long time. The handle of cork material can absorb sweat and dry in hot weather.


  • Wristband


Do the wrist straps of the walking cane fit comfortably on your wrist? A padded wristband will be more comfortable.


  • Adjustable length


You can adjust the walking cane according to your height to properly deal with the different slopes of the mountain.


  • Locking mechanism


The most common type on the market is the foldable walking cane. It has unparalleled storage advantages.


  • Shrinked length


A good adjustable walking cane is easy to carry on the go.


  • Damping performance


The high-quality walking cane has various shock-absorbing and buffering mechanisms, which make walking more smooth and comfortable and reduce the pressure on the knees.


  • Tip of the cane


The carbon fiber walking cane tip is currently the toughest material. However, the tip of the stick is still a consumable item, and convenient and reliable self-replacement will bring convenience in the future.


In the End


Concerning the above functions, you can buy a walking cane that you are satisfied with. If you want to know more product information, please contact us.