How to Choose Snooker Cues

May 21,2022

The cue is a tool used to hit the ball. For a professional snooker player, the cue is the most reliable helper. The cue is composed of leather head, first angle, front section, top ring, middle wheel and other parts. The quality of snooker cues can be judged by looking at the material, weight, length, thickness, straightness and taper parameters. To choose a snooker cue that suits you, you have to measure and choose from five aspects: appearance, length, head diameter, treatment process and weight.


How to choose snooker cues?




First of all, we have to look at the material of the cue, snooker cue front cut material is probably only two kinds of pillow wood and maple, pillow wood has obvious wood grain, while the maple is not. The pillow wood is more tough while the maple wood is less tough and harder.

The main material in the back of the cut is probably only two kinds of rosewood and rosewood. Because these two woods are very hard, they can withstand the force of the return when hitting the ball, plus they are heavier than normal woods, giving the club a natural weight. To make the backside more beautiful you can also add different woods as decoration, but of course the more decoration the higher the price will be.




After looking at the materials, we need to look at the weight of the club. The weight of the club can range from 16 ounces to 21 ounces, with the more popular weights being 17.5 ounces to 19 ounces. Many people are afraid of their backhand instability so they want the heavier the club the better, but this is not correct, because the stability of the backhand is in the basic action is not in the weight, so if the basic action is correct, a lighter club will be easier to control than a heavier club in terms of clubwork and strength.




In fact, there are many opinions on how to choose the length, but there is no correct standard, it depends on the individual frame and grip habits, if you really want to say a standard, the grip should be a right head from the very end. The length of the clubs that you can buy is 57 inches and 58 inches.




The front end of the club is from 8mm to 11mm in diameter, and the clubs that are readily available on the market are around 9.5mm in diameter, because this is the most appropriate thickness.


The diameter of the grip generally lies between 29.5mm and 30mm, which is also thicker or thinner than this, it depends on your hand feeling, but never let the grip handle fill up, because it will affect the flexibility of the club, it is best to leave a little space between the grip and the hand.


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