How to Choose Billiard Clubs?

August 02,2022

Selective play


Generally speaking, I suggest that novices should have a pole of more than 10mm to get started more easily. The small head pole needs more refined technology, which is not particularly suitable for novices. But it also depends on your specific needs. Buy whatever you like!




Select material


Front section: Maple is mostly used for big head shots (nine ball shots). Maple has strong toughness and is better used when spinning. The small head stick (snooker stick) is made of pewter wood because Pewter wood has high hardness and is more stable when hitting the long-distance ball!


Back section: generally, wood with high hardness is used, which can multiply the strength of the return when the ball is hit. After the festival, there are often decorations. The more decorations, the more expensive the price!


Selected weight


Many people think that the heavier the club, the more stable the hand will be. This is wrong. The stability of the backhand does not lie in the weight, but the posture. If the posture is right, the light Club proportion of the club is better controlled!


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