Four Common Mistakes in Purchasing Pool Cues

January 05,2022

Playing billiards may seem boring at first, but if you fall in love, it feels endless joy. If you only go to the billiard room a few times a year, you can use the male pole. If you have to go to the ballroom several times a month, it is still necessary to have your pole! Today, let’s take a look at the common misunderstandings when buying a pool cue.


pool cue


Maple clubs are easier to use than white wax clubs?


❌Many friends think that maple club has great elasticity, strong plug force, and better performance than a white wax club. I don't deny that maple club has good elasticity and is better than white wax in some aspects. However, it can't be said that any Maple club has better performance than a white wax club.


Maple is greatly affected by the weather. It has strong adaptability without a white wax rod. Its performance fluctuates slightly under different temperature and humidity environments, and the difficulty of control will increase accordingly.


Does wood grain determine the performance of the club?


❌The grain of the club depends on the cutting angle of the whole material. The larger the cutting angle is, the straighter the arrow is. We know that the material of a club may come from the trunk, bark, root, crown, and even branches of a tree.


Why are famous clubs of the same material much more expensive than miscellaneous clubs?


Because the famous brand club is very picky in material selection, usually only the part in the middle of the trunk close to the bark, commonly known as "two skin", the wood of this part is balanced to the greatest extent, meets the requirements for the hardness and elasticity of the club, and is not easy to deform. The low-grade club is not so strict, so if you, unfortunately, choose a club made of wood from a branch, no matter how good the grain of your club is, it is difficult to avoid deformation.


Small copper mouth and mushroom-shaped leatherhead are better?


❌Many friends like to choose a smaller diameter copper mouth when choosing a club. After buying it, they have to repair a mushroom skinhead.


Why is this necessary? Due to the lack of congenital conditions (large head and small bottom), the mushroom head is not as good as traditional leatherhead in force transmission, especially in force return. Generally speaking, it just doesn't eat.


Therefore, it is suggested that friends might as well choose a 9.8mm or 10mm rod head. As long as they adapt, it will be of great help to improve the accuracy.


The longer the club, the more stable the hit?


❌The weight of the club can indeed increase the impulse of the club to touch the ball, but the strength of the rotation depends more on the integrity and penetration of the force, rather than how much force you use to hit the ball. An overweight club will affect the hand stability and reduce the hitting accuracy, which is difficult to control.


A long club can not improve the stability of hitting the ball, but on the contrary, it will reduce, because the longer the club, the greater the torque of forwarding and backward movement and the greater the possibility of deformation.


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