Do You really Use the Cane Correctly?

December 01,2022

After joint replacement or other lower limb surgery, patients often need to be protected during the recovery process. After surgery, walking aids, crutches, and walking sticks are important medical rehabilitation aids to protect patients to the greatest extent, improve their confidence in rehabilitation, and avoid wrestling.


Among them, there are many points to pay attention to when using walking aids and walking sticks. Today we will talk about how to use walking sticks correctly after surgery!




Walking with a cane


  • First, adjust the height of the cane. When you stand, the handle of the cane should be flush with your wrist.


  • Unless otherwise instructed by the rehabilitation physician, it is generally recommended to place the cane on the side of your normal leg.


  • When starting, walk forward with your operated leg and cane, keeping them parallel.


  • Then, walk forward with the healthy limb, which should be placed in front of the affected limb and cane.


Walking upstairs with a cane


  • Grasp the handrails and get on the limbs first.


  • Then the affected limb and cane go up the same ladder together. Keep your legs parallel to your cane.


  • Repeat the above steps until you reach the top of the stairs.


Walking downstairs with a cane


  • Put the cane on the first step first.


  • Keep up with the affected limb, and then lower the healthy limb.


  • Repeat the above steps until you reach the bottom of the stairs.


In the case of avoiding weight bearing on the affected limb after surgery, the walking stick has become an indispensable "other leg" in the life of the patient. The use of the cane seems very easy, but not everyone can master it quickly. The wrong use will make walking more inconvenient, or even cause unnecessary secondary damage. In addition to the correct way of use, the doctor suggests that the patient often check the walking stick, such as the fixed state of the handle, the anti-skid and wear-resistant condition of the foot pad, etc.