Do I have to bring two trekking poles in climbing?

September 16,2021

Mountain climbing is a popular activity in company team building event. If the distance is long, such as more than 20 kilometers, some people's knees will be unbearable. A friend of mine, he is a chip scoop supplier, and also deals in plastic products, such as stackable paper lid container. He likes to bring 2 trekking poles when climbing a mountain, so the topic are always talked about-Do I have to bring two trekking poles in climbing?




Do I have to use two trekking poles?

Whether trekking poles use single or double poles is actually based on personal needs, but the most important thing is to know how to use them.


Most people don't carry heavy things when going outdoors, so they think it's fine to bring one. It's the standard to use the two together. It's the most authentic way. With strength, the body is easy to move sideways. Using a pair of trekking poles can reduce the weight of the feet, but at the first use, the trekking poles will easily trip over your feet, so practice more.


And not every terrain is suitable for trekking poles. When walking in a ravine, use trekking poles less. I would rather vacate your hands to balance, because the ravine environment is more complicated, and there are a lot of big rocks. There is a big gap between them, and you may have to jump. Except for the ravine and the terrain that needs to be climbed, trekking poles can be used on other roads.

Should I buy a pair of trekking poles?

It is best to buy two trekking poles, which is more conducive to maintaining balance. If only one trekking pole is used, the forces on the two legs are different, which may cause knee injuries over time.


Authoritative data

The sports science community has conducted research on trekking poles and found that when using two trekking poles at the same time, it can reduce the impact force of the knee joint by 22%, which is equivalent to every kilometer you walk, and your knee joint avoids the impact of 5500~5800kgw. The muscles of the legs can also reduce the use of 21%.


Research is usually based on a pair of trekking poles. There is no data to compare whether the same effect can be achieved with only one trekking pole, but we believe that in terms of efficiency and force balance, the effect of two trekking poles is better than just one A trekking pole is easier to maintain balance and coordination, especially when the weight is more than 12 kg or when the trekking time is long and the mountain trail is rugged, two trekking poles have the best effect.


However, some mountain roads are on the cliff side, so it is recommended to put a trekking pole away as the case may be. With the other hand, you can grasp the stable roots and rocks to help balance the up and down slopes. There are also many terrains that need to be used for climbing, and sometimes even two trekking poles need to be put away.


By and large

I know that entanglement is inevitable. This is the process of selection, just like some suppliers are choosing oem 4-CUP CARRIER or oem 2-CUP CARRIER struggled for a long time, but finally chose oem food tray. Uncertainty may also delay the final climbing trip. You have to try, otherwise it will never be possible.


It is best to buy two. And depending on your climbing destination, bring one or two. If your knees are not good, it is recommended that you bring two types, one for uphill and the other for downhill.