Characteristics and Application of Carbon Fiber Baseball Bat

December 01,2022

There are many examples of carbon fiber materials used to make sports goods, such as tennis rackets, fishing rods, bicycles, etc. But do you know carbon fiber baseball bat?




Characteristics and application of carbon fiber baseball bat


Carbon fiber composites have high strength and are lightweight, which can hit the ball faster and farther. This is very friendly for non professional baseball players. Baseball bat is a consumable, especially wooden bats and carbon fiber bats. Once the surface is damaged due to excessive force, they are basically discarded.


Aluminum baseball bat is prohibited in professional games. Because the baseball arm is powerful and the hitting speed is fast, it is easy to cause security risks to the defenders and spectators. Therefore, the use rate of wooden clubs is the highest. The aluminum alloy baseball bat is mostly used in amateur games and daily training, so it has good durability. Even if the surface is slightly worn and deformed, it can still be used for a period of time.


On the other hand, carbon fiber baseball bats have a smaller scope of use. It is very friendly to the elderly, children and women. Most carbon fiber baseball bats use carbon strips to weave vertically and crosswise with each other. A few are woven into four layers, while many are as high as 16 layers. The more layers, the better elasticity. It is wrapped with aluminum alloy outside, with stronger comprehensive performance.