Can Trekking Poles Replace Crutches?

July 19,2022

Rotate the trekking pole in the direction indicated. When the upper part is tightly held with the left hand, the lower part will be locked when turned to the right. When loosening it when turning to the left, please lock the bottom part first, and then adjust the length by deliberately adjusting the middle part. Please do it within a deliberate range, and do not exceed the STOP mark. Please tighten it with a suitable force. If you use too much force, it will be difficult to loosen. What should you pay attention to when using trekking poles?


Trekking Poles


Precautions when using trekking poles


Walking on a mountain road when there is a cliff on one side. Be sure to use the trekking pole on the side of the mountain, otherwise, it is prone to danger! Usually, you should develop the habit of using the trekking pole with both hands; try not to insert the trekking pole into seawater or water with high calcium content, otherwise it will corrode the trekking pole or cause a lot of damage. Difficult to clean up; even the best trekking poles will break and be dangerous if used violently.


Can trekking poles replace crutches?


The trekking stick is not a crutch that supports the body when the legs and feet are unchanged. It is a tool to help you walk with less effort, so the trekking stick cannot replace the crutch.


Theoretically, any point of force contacting the ground will generate a reaction force. The legs of the human body are used as two parallel points, and the reaction force generated during walking can cancel each other, but if only a single trekking pole is used, a reaction force will be generated on one side. , and without one side, the balance of the human body is reduced. Of course, through the coordination of human muscle tissue, these problems can be covered up, but these problems will still erupt in emergencies or when they accumulate to a certain extent. When danger arises. Therefore, in Europe and the United States, trekking sticks are mostly sold in pairs, and some brands have designed different styles for the left and right hands to meet the different grasping needs of the two hands. People still use a trekking pole in mountain sports, which is the biggest misunderstanding about the use of trekking poles.


Trekking poles can increase the point of force and reduce the load on the legs, but if you only use one trekking pole, no matter where you put it, the support force will not be balanced, even if the reduced pressure on one side of the trekking pole will be transferred Going to the side that is not used will increase the possibility of injury due to uneven force.