Brief Introduction of Mountaineering Stick

April 19,2022

The mountaineering stick is an indispensable piece of equipment for advanced mountaineering or hiking. Its principle is very similar to that of a walking stick in skiing so that the hand can share the weight burden of the foot.


Academic research has pointed out that the correct use of climbing sticks can reduce the pressure on the legs by about 25%.


And when outdoors, a long, straight rod-shaped object can do many things. Therefore, the climbing stick has become an indispensable piece of equipment for advanced outdoor athletes.


mountaineering stick


Structure of Climbing Stick


Grip and wrist strap


Staff body and storage structure


Stick tip and mud baffle


Damping structure


Mountaineering stick handle


In the grip of a mountaineering stick, there are two common types: "T handle" and "I handle".


Among them, most climbers will choose the I handle, because climbing requires lighter weight, and the position of the palm on the handle of the climbing stick will change with the inclination angle of the slope, so it is not suitable to use the T-shaped handle with the fixed-grip method.


And hikers often choose T-handles because they feel more comfortable holding them.


In the part of the wrist strap, we think that in addition to the fact that the wrist strap can be used to hang the climbing stick on his hand when climbing the terrain, it does not play a great role in normal use. Perhaps it is because the Climbing Stick evolved from the ski stick, so the tradition of the wrist strap has been retained. Therefore, if you are sure that there is no climbing route in your planned trip, remove the wrist strap to reduce the weight, It's also away.


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