Basic Information about Trekking Poles

October 09,2022

What we call trekking poles, there is no obvious distinction in China, but there are two types in foreign: trekking poles and hiking staff.




Types and functions of poles


"Hiking staff" refers to a stick used for walking on relatively flat terrain. In most cases, there is no weight bearing and it is usually a single stick.


"Trekking poles" refer to poles used for hiking and field expeditions. The trekking itself is a long, difficult journey. Therefore, in most cases, the corresponding usage scenarios are heavy and the terrain is relatively complex. Generally used in pairs to improve the stability of the mountaineering.


So should I use one or two trekking poles?


If you are walking on the ground, just one. You have to use two for mountain climbing and hiking in the wild. Why do you have to use two? Four-legged animals are known to rarely fall on steep slopes. Two legs have to be how you want to do it, just add two poles and you're done. In this usage scenario, the trekking pole has the following functions:


Save energy and improve balance


The dual poles act like imitating mammals that walk on all fours. It can disperse the stress that was originally concentrated on the legs when walking upright, reducing the stress on the knees, lower back and other joints. Correct use of trekking poles can increase walking speed by 15% and save 30% of physical strength, increasing body stability in weight-bearing walking and complex terrain.


✔️Auxiliary role in the field


It is generally used for road detection, measurement, and auxiliary tents and canopies.


✔️Structure of trekking poles


Taking the most common telescopic three-section trekking pole as an example, it is mainly composed of a handle, a wrist strap, a support rod, an adjustment lock, a pole holder, and a pole tip. An excellent trekking pole cannot be separated from the reliable support of these structures.




If you want to know how to choose a suitable one, you can browse our previous blog. For more information about trekking poles, we are glad to answer for you.