Another Use Of Walking Cane

August 19,2021

Walking cane can not only be used as support for the elderly, they can also be called trekking pole when climbing, and they also play an important role. Of course, daddy sneakers, acetate sunglasses, belnding gloves, unisex deck backpack, diapers made of pe breathable film for diaper, sweaters and hats made of 10gg fabric knitting machine are equally important. The cane can keep the body balanced and avoid physical injury! When climbing a mountain, it can also help when going uphill; downhill to relieve knee pressure! walking canes explore the way ahead, which can drive away certain wild animals in advance; they can also act as a defense when encountering small animals! When resting, walking canes can also be used as a support for the awning!

In general, walking canes are a climbing tool that can protect yourself, and it is essential for climbing! So how to choose a walking cane that suits you. Let's take a look at the shopping points.


Lightweight Walking Cane wholesale


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Handle shape


The shape of the handle of walking canes can be divided into two types: straight shank type and T-handle type. It is best to understand the difference between the two first, and then choose the type that suits you.


Straight shank type: easy to reduce mountain fatigue


The shape of a straight walking cane is similar to a ski pole. It is suitable for use on undulating and rugged ground, and helps to give the body upward thrust on flat roads. But it should be noted that the straight handle type is easy to apply force, novice users may use excessive force habitually, and it is easy to fatigue the wrist. Although walking canes usually use double poles, for veterans who often climb mountains, they may find it inconvenient for their hands to be occupied. If you are accustomed to mountain climbing, or have a certain degree of confidence in your physical strength, you can use a single pole. But if you are a novice, or when you reload, it is best to use double sticks to avoid imbalance or even damage to your knees.


T-handle type: easy to descend


With T-handle walking canes, you hold the handle from above and apply force, so people with weaker grips can use it easily. It is suitable for downhill and flat terrain, and the wrist is not easy to feel fatigue when using it, and it is also convenient to support the body weight, especially suitable for novices. Many T-handle walking canes are sold individually, but you can also buy a pair to use as a pair of poles according to your physical strength and needs.


The length of walking cane


The length of walking canes is particularly important when purchasing. Flat ground, uphill, downhill --- different use scenarios, the different walking cane length. On a flat road, if the elbow angle can be a right angle when holding the handle, then the walking cane is at the best height. When going uphill, the height must be at the waist, and when going downhill, the height must be at the chest. Therefore, the highest height of walking canes must be enough to reach their chest position.


Lightweight Walking Cane wholesale


The material of walking cane


The material of the pole directly determines the strength and weight of the walking cane, and it is mainly divided into two categories.


Aluminum: cheap


Aluminum has many advantages --- it is cheap and not easy to break, even if there is a slight depression after impact, it can be restored to its original shape. But its shortcomings are also more obvious. Because aluminum is heavier than carbon fiber, it may be burdensome to use for a long time. If you are buying walking canes for the first time and want to try it first, or if you are a low-budget party, aluminum is good.


Carbon fiber: lightweight and high strength


The walking cane made of carbon fiber has the advantages of light weight and high strength. Many popular brands of walking canes use carbon fiber as the main material, so they will not bend or deform even if they support the body's weight for a long time. Recommended for climbers who want to challenge various mountains. Although the price is higher, and the range of choices is not as large as aluminum, it is strong and durable enough for those who plan to use it for a long time.


The tip of the stick can be replaced


The tip of a walking cane will directly touch the ground, which can easily cause damage. Therefore, if you are looking for a longer service life, it is best to choose a style with a replaceable tip. In order to avoid slipping on the ground such as rocks, a metal and sharper tip is better. However, if it is used on scenic mountain roads with wooden planks, this kind of stick tip may scratch the ground and cause environmental damage. In this case, it is best to replace it with a rubber stick tip.




No matter what factors to consider, carbon fiber lightweight walking cane are suitable for most people. It must be the best choice for climbing.

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