Advantages of Carbon Fiber Composites in Sports Equipment

November 02,2022

In our company, many pieces of equipment are made of carbon fiber, including carbon fiber mountaineering sticks and carbon fiber billiards clubs. So, do you know the advantages of carbon fiber composites equipment?




Advantages of Carbon Fiber Composites Equipment




Sports equipment, such as pole, golf club and tennis racket, which rely on manpower for sports, people hope that the lighter the quality is, the better. Even the equipment used for sports, such as racing cars, sailboats, motorboats, etc., which is powered by power other than human power, should be light in weight under the same conditions. Carbon fiber composites have incomparable advantages in this respect.


High fatigue strength


The carbon fiber structure is stable, and its strength retention rate is still up to 60% after millions of cycles of cyclic stress fatigue tests. 40% for steel and 30% for aluminum. High fatigue strength makes the service life of sports equipment longer.


Low coefficient of thermal expansion


The thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber is almost negative at room temperature. When the temperature is 200~400 ℃, the thermal expansion coefficient is zero. When the temperature is lower than 1000 ℃, its linear expansion coefficient is 1.5 × 10 K.


Good damage safety performance


In carbon fiber composites, due to the role of the matrix, the strain of each fiber is basically the same when it is pulled along the fiber direction. Due to the stress transfer of the matrix, most of the broken fibers still play a role except the fracture.


The fracture of individual fibers will not cause chain reaction and catastrophic rapid damage, so the damage safety performance is very good.


Good damping performance


The polymer matrix of carbon fiber composites is viscoelastic. Friction also exists where there are microcracks and debonding on the matrix and interface. In the process of vibration, viscoelasticity and friction convert part of kinetic energy into heat energy.


Therefore, its damping is greater than that of steel and aluminum alloy. And if special measures are taken, the damping can also be increased.




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