10 Reasons Why You Should Use Trekking Poles

April 07,2022

The stereotype is that only elderly hikers use trekking poles. But in fact, trekking poles, as auxiliary equipment during mountaineering, can improve the stability of walking. Using trekking poles while walking can reduce the force exerted on muscle joints such as the legs and knees, making the legs more comfortable. Proper use of trekking poles can make travel easier and more enjoyable. Using two trekking poles at the same time provides better balance.


But it's just two sticks, do you really know how to use them correctly?


trekking poles


10 reasons to use trekking poles


  • Trekking poles are more like the poles used in skiing, they can better help you move up or down. Whether it's flat or rough hills, trekking poles can help you increase your average speed.


  • They can effectively reduce the damage to the legs, knees, ankles, and feet, especially when going downhill. A 1999 study in the Journal of Sports Medicine showed that trekking poles can reduce stress on the knees by as much as 25 percent.


  • When hiking in the countryside, trekking poles can also poke away thorny blackberries and cobwebs.


  • On flat areas, trekking poles can help you establish a stable and consistent rhythm, which can improve your speed.


  • Trekking poles provide two additional points of contact, which improves grip in mud, snow and sparse rocks.


  • It helps to maintain balance in dangerous places, such as when crossing rivers, on tree-rooted paths, and on slippery dirt roads. Keeping your body balanced will help you pass quickly more easily.


  • Trekking poles can be used to detect road conditions ahead, such as puddles, melting snow bridges and quicksand.


  • They can be used to defend against the attacks of wild animals such as dogs and bears, and they can be placed on the top of the head to make their size appear larger. It also can be thrown as a spear if necessary.


  • Trekking poles help reduce the weight you carry on your journey. If you're carrying too much weight and want to take a nap, lean on trekking poles.


  • The trekking pole can not only be used for hiking, it can also be used as a tent support. Trekking poles are stronger than tent poles, so they are less likely to be broken by the wind. Trekking poles can also be used as medical splints and ultralight paddles.


To sum up


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